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Our Best Articles of 2013

best of 2013One thing about working in supply chain, EDI, or electronic commerce: it’s always interesting. 2013 is nearly ‘in the books’ and it was no exception. Luckily for you, the writing staff produced a bumper crop of great articles on a plethora of topics, ranging from the impact of omnichannel retail to ‘big data’ to new efforts to implement supply chain control towers.  We wrote primarily about supply chain and EDI, but we also covered general management, trends, training, and other relevant subjects.

We hope our readers enjoyed the articles, and looking at the number of ‘hits’ they received it appears they did. And since this is the time of year when the ‘Best of….’ lists are published, I’m sure you’re wondering which of our articles were most popular, aren’t you? So, without further delay, let’s look at our Top 10 EC-BP Articles of 2013…. Just click on the article name to check it out again.

10) Activating Your Natural Genius 

9) Who Sits Where in the Supply Chain Control Tower?

8) Let's End Manual Data Entry!


7) EDI a Lost Art- But Learnable  

6) Loren Data, GXS, & Daisychaining 

5) Is Agile the Buzzword for 2013?

4) Certifications for EDI Professionals

3) What is EDI? A Definition and History

2) What's Next for GXS? (most comments, too)

1) Supply Chain Management Trends

Since the site generally covers supply chain and EDI, it should be no surprise that readers showed more interest in those topics than others. Hopefully, everything we publish has value, but we know our ‘customers’ and try to give them what will help them the most.

An interesting side note is that articles about GXS, one of the more prevalent ‘traditional’ EDI Value Added Networks (VAN), received a lot of interest through the year and actually generated more reader feedback than any other topic. As you know, GXS had a turbulent year and are presently involved in a controversial legal action related to VAN interconnections, or daisy-chaining. Our editor, Scott Koegler, has written extensively on their issues and is doing a great job keeping us informed of what's going on.

Thanks for your support and readership during 2013! We look forward to continuing to educate and keep you abreast of what’s happening in the ever-changing supply change landscape in 2014! 

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