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Getting Started With Supplier Risk Management

Quality-Risk-ManagementBusinesses must put more effort into pre-planning for business interruption according to a survey by Zurich Insurance and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). They are concerned about supply chain disruption and term it a "blind spot". We are concerned too. Zurich recommends mapping out your supply chain and quantifying each supplier by financial stability, geopolitical issues, et al. If you have a lot of global suppliers, this could be a tall order. I think Zurich is sitting in an "ivory tower" and not a "SCM Control Tower". Read more...

Biggest Supply Chain Management Problems

big problemI like to listen to people, read group discussions, read expert opinions and make lists. So, from numerous sources, I made an unranked list of what LOTS of people regard as their biggest SCM problems. Then I searched out an expert opinion on what are the biggest SCM problems. The one I liked best was "Top Supply Chain Challenges" from the Supply Chain Council (the SCOR people). Next, I slotted the opinions of the workers in the trenches into the five categories from the Supply Chain Council. I could be wrong, see if you agree!!!


Insourcing and the Supply Chain

insource-outsourceWe all know what Outsourcing is, but now a new trend is popping up: Insourcing. The definition of insourcing is simple but the ramifications are complex. Read more...

Supply Chain To Supply Circle

miraclesAs a Supply Chain Manager, everybody is expecting you to perform miracles and save your company. You are expected to come up with some great programs. Would one of the Top Ten SCM Innovations make your CEO happy? Let's try instead and give you some simpler ideas. Read more...

Who Sits Where In The SCM Control Tower?

flight controllerWe recently wrote an article on Supply Chain Control Towers. Now, who is going to staff the control tower? Logistics was conceived by the military to get the right amount of supplies to the troops at the right time. Supply chain management takes a bigger approach of looking further back into the life of a product to its manufacture and even product design while integrating what were once thought to be unrelated disciplines: marketing and customer service. Read more...

Supply Chain Control Towers

ControlTowerA new term is appearing in the supply chain arena: "Supply Chain Control Tower". Just as an airport control tower coordinates airplanes landing and taking off, a Supply Chain Control Tower coordinates inbound and outbound distribution flows. Sure sounds more professional than a "dashboard". Read more...

2012 Model for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

suggestionI am developing what I expect the “model year 2012” SCM system should encompass. In a Supply Chain Management system, EDI and ERP are  intrinsically tied together. Therefore, I am planning  to evaluate the SCM SYSTEM, not just the EDI module or the ERP module. Shown below are the selection criteria I would want to be fulfilled. Right now this evaluation is kind of skimpy: sort of need to add to add more salami between the bread. Based on your comments, I may add, subtract or modify these requirements. 


Labeling Still a Barrier in Some Areas

barcodeChanging long-term processes is never an easy thing to do but it’s especially challenging when you’re talking about how item labeling is done in Asia. Right now, for example, when the internet is down, workers take a “sneaker net” approach to getting purchase orders out: Someone plugs a USB drive into a computer, copies the information then walks down the hall and plugs it into another computer to remove the file and then brings it back to the packer, explains Chris Beukenkamp, managing director, Asia, for SPS Commerce. “We have the internet everywhere but you’re lucky if a factory has a single internet connection -- and that’s usually on a manager’s desk. It definitely won’t be on the factory floor where they’re doing packing and shipping.”


Pondering the Supply Chain Ecosystem

ECOSYSTEMThis past week I spent visiting my son in Colorado.  On one of our many adventures we hiked to an area in the Rockies that was a uniquely contained ecosystem.  One change to its delicate balance could cause negative impact to its carefully laid out environment.


Business Continuity Plans Must Consider Supply Chain Operations

superstorm-sandyThe recent superstorm, Sandy, and the Nor’easter that followed one week later, are continual reminders that businesses need to build redundancies and create business continuity plans for services and infrastructure. Not only do outages have immediate impact to operations, they also significantly impact supply chains. In fact, a recent study led by global multi-line insurance provider Zurich Insurance Group and conducted by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) found that the leading cause of supply chain disruption is unplanned IT or telecom outages.


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